Craft shows and Freak outs….I need coffee.

Rebecca Rowe

Craft shows and Freak outs….I need coffee.

….It’s raining…F*ck.

The first thought that ran through my mind at the beginning of the weekend. Usually when there’s a craft show I go through the standard:

Week before the show: Excitement, preparation, sewing, nothing really pressing on my mind.

Day before the show: Mass freak out. Do I have enough stuff? Should I stay awake until four in the morning finishing that hem? But I mean, it would look weird if I’m missing one of those skirts. The entire day WILL be a waste if I don’t have that skirt….totally worth not sleeping. I must have that skirt.

Day of the show: Need all the coffee in the world. (Friends and family know better then to come visit me without a massive Starbucks cup in their hand…for me.) Set up is done, could be better. Why didn’t I get the bigger free standing mirror? I should have brought more clothes. Why does everyone else’s stuff look better then mine?! All the while twirling around in my Cindy skirt and pacing.

Two hours into show: How did I think this was a good idea? This was a terrible idea. (Still not a single soul had walked through those doors) I should just be a full time server. I mean I’m good at serving, then I could become a manager. I mean who doesn’t want to be a restaurant manager? Maybe I should go back to school… Creative field sucks, why did I think I could do this?!??!?!

Mid day:
Random woman: Oh my God I love your clothes! I’ll grab this one, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Confidence restored.

Random woman bought that dress she “couldn’t live without.”

How could I ever give this up?

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