December Update

Rebecca Rowe

IT’S DECEMBER…WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? See what happens when you own your own business and your mind runs a million miles a minute? Yeah, time literally flies away and the last time you checked you were getting dressed up for Halloween.

What’s been eating up my time you ask? I mean…you didn’t, but if you keep reading I’m going to assume that you did…in your head. I’m in a pop-up shop! If you’re in Ottawa come down to Little Italy and check us out!!!! The Freewheeling Craft community has been so good to me with including me and my product in the pop-up shop and the Craft Show happening THIS WEEKEND! (Dec 3-4) I’m so excited, but it’s been a hectic month prepping for it. Check out Country Meets City too! They did their own photoshoot with a few of my new pieces? Looking pretty amazing if you ask me, of course I’m bias though.

What else has been eating away at my sleeping schedule? Prepping for a return to Her Campus’s Capital Catwalk. Model casting is done and I have a surprise for you all in the new year. Tickets for that go on sale soon (will keep you updated).

SO all in all pretty darn busy sewing pattern-making and overall trying not to lose my mind. It’s always a bit more fun though losing your mind. As long as you find it again it’s all good.

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