F.A.T. Behind The Scenes

Rebecca Rowe

Fashion Art Toronto was an amazing experience. Four to six months of prep for ten minutes on the runway, I was a little nervous but my team killed it. Here are the behind the scenes photos from that day: 

Modeling, as glamorous as it can be is a lot of hurry up and wait. They love it, I love it, but you have a lot of time to hang out. One of the girls pulled out a deck of cards and moments before calling them to get dressed I found them all in a circle playing a game.
Designer Thought: "YAS! THEY ARE ALL TOGETHER!" 

The hair team from Lisa Tuff was exceptional! They killed the hair look, but not every team member works the same way, or maybe it's me not being super clear, either way I saw one of my models and she looked a little too Holly Golightly and not enough Ruby Rose... we both just looked at each other then walked back into the hair room.  

That makeup though. DROOL* 

....SO maybe it is my communication skills that are lacking, I mean, ask anyone who's ever tried to date me. Another slight miscommunication with the makeup team when I didn't specify that the dark eyeshadow was exclusively for the female models. Freddy was very happy to get a quick snapshot of this one look but with the look I was going for we decided on a clean face.  

All my models are way too smart for their own good. Here is a candid shot of me getting to know a bit of my models' journey as well. 

"I want to model for you" "Why am I not on your runway?" -questions from the little brother. Well, this year I put him on the runway (he did a phenomenal job -just don't tell him. His head will get big) but he fell victim to the hurry up and wait game. Apparently he's done with his modeling career now. 

That well dressed, self proclaimed Goth helping Olivia get dressed is the creative genius behind Bone & Busk who is a gem and came in to help me with my runway. Also to keep me from freaking out and making sure I eat. 

Notice Leyla in the back? Yeah, that dress is too small for her but she made it work. I had to stitch up the back slit moments before we pulled her into it so that nothing was showing. 
DESIGNER THOUGHT: "This is why you always bring a needle and thread, even if you don't think you're going to need it." -you always need it. 

Walking into FAT I kkkkiiiiinnnnnndddd of knew what I wanted to put everyone in (clothes wise) however, I had sent my collection ahead of time for a video shoot and didn't have time to do a proper fitting. Backstage we all started playing dress-up. I had no idea what the lineup was when one of the volunteers asked me. As soon as they were all dressed I lined everyone up and started moving people around until we got somewhere that made sense. 

They all look so happy. I was nervous. 

Final touch-ups are always done seconds before the models hit the runway....not nerve wracking AT all....said no one ever. 

Actors doing actor things. 

For anyone who doesn't know, "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera was the opening runway song. We all might have been dancing backstage. Including the stage manager. Also, I have no dancing skills, just sayin. 

I collaborated with Poppy's Toutous for this knit piece. I'm obsessed. There were also a few hats that didn't make the runway but I love them! 

The energy is always so high after coming off the runway. It really is a huge adrenaline rush. Kyra's face just says it all. 

Fun fact: I tripped over my own two feet right before this... I'm the only one in flats. 

After the show we took so many pictures! Pictures or it didn't happen right?!?! The Tarspix Photography Team did an amazing job with everything from detailed shots, runway shots, shots of me with my eyes closed (classic) 

There were some good ones. Like with these two angels. 

And one where we all look pretty rad.

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