Getting Ready for Freewheeling Craft!

It seems like every week this month something is happening in the fashion world...I mean, it could be because every weekend something is happening in the fashion world. I'm not really sure, I do now that I am loving every second of it. One of the best parts of my job this week is getting to see my clothes styled by Katie at YOW City Style in preparation for this week's Freewheeling Indie Craft Show happening on Saturday October 22 from 10-4 at Makerspace North! 

The rest of this week is obviously hiding in my studio behind a sewing machine but that's also one of the best parts of my job. Hiding from people and getting to do my thing.

Loving the way our Kaleigh Dress has been styled here with a leather back and choker by Galili Ellis, all handmade! See I'm just saying, that we're kind of talented up here in Canada. 

Chantal is wearing our Brittany Jacket with a tunic by Blondie Apparel, bracelets by Historical links and a necklace by Strut Jewelry. 

Loving our Kels skirt here...but thats coming soon with the rest of our Fall Line! 

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