Rebecca Rowe

Everyone knows what I'm talking about, when I say the "Glamorous side of fashion" Yeah, we're talking about the lights, camera, cocktails and heals so high that you're sure that if these girls were to trip their ankles would break. 

The truth is, well my truth is, that these events stress me out. In runways you've got months of prep for ten minutes of models walking down a runway. Which by the way, if they do trip and break their ankle it is NOT good publicity for me. Attending someone else's runway? Fighting jealousy, ripping those tights you're trying to put on (because you may or may not have spent the entire morning behind your own sewing machine) so trying to look good, promoting yourself but also being respectful to the designer showcasing their work.... breathe. Keep in mind you're a designer, so naturally you're looking and thinking of all the things that you would change. Don't tell me you don't do that. We all do it, so shush. All of this adds up to a lot to think about, which is why cocktails are usually involved. Oh and don't forget about that very well thought out Instagram post that must formulate durning this event. I mean you spent all this time getting ready and going to the event the world may as well know it right? Otherwise it's like it didn't happen at all.

This weekend's event, Canadian Fashion Weekend, featured a young designer, Emina Fae, a recent graduate from Richard Robinson showcased her collection of light coloured neutral day and evening-wear. The picture here shows a bit of her collection, photo taken by local Ottawa photographer Paul Lauzon. 

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