Graffiti and Angles

Rebecca Rowe

Every woman's body is a little different (theres nothing better or worse about them, they're just different). When these two gorgeous, tall, editorial models came to me looking to collaborate how could I turn down not only an amazing shoot but also a chance to work with some fresh faces to get them to understand their angels? 

All those legs want to go somewhere! We really got Joelle to work those poses, using her limbs to create new and exciting shapes.

Lets talk about this makeup for a second. Jacqueline is a fantastic and creative makeup artist who took the idea of colour and went father then I could have ever imagined! I love the coral dusting thats highlighting Joelle's cheekbones. 

Meghan's legs hurt for days after this shoot but it was so worth it. Not every model has the body that can pull off these editorial shapes and it was really great to see her stepping out of her comfort zone and really pull these shapes off. 

Olivia Wilson was the photographer for this shoot and she absolutely killed it. I love that she really pushed herself within her photography skills and tried different angles herself. (At one point she got on the ground!) 

This is what fun shoots like this are all about! Trying new things and learning your body.

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