je ne parle français...inspiration & suicide squad

Rebecca Rowe

Under the list of things I don't think about: going to Montreal Festival de Mode and expecting that the conferences will all be in English....yep. They aren't if you were wondering. After the first few minutes of the first presentation when I realized that I was absorbing nothing through osmosis and that I probably should have spent more time focused in my high school French class.

Well, needless to say my first encounter with Montreal was, somewhat lacking. This was until on my way back to my air B&B I discovered an English only cinema. Hello Suicide Squad and welcome back my good mood.

The next day was pouring rain, another thing I don't think about you ask? Umbrellas. Those are easily bought though. I braved my way against the weather to hear Kym Barrett speak and all of my fears for the week were swept away. It's very empowering to hear the start-up stories of people whom you admire in your field. Makes you feel less defeated in some way.

Which now brings us to today. There has been no rain. I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses, which I made. (Cause' friends, let's be honest, where better to do some self promotion in fashion then at fashion fest?) and I even went to a museum. Cultured and ready for the next speaker...which better be in English.

Kym Barrett brought with her a costume from Cirque du Soleil as well as her incredible team!

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