Museums and Heavy Bags

Rebecca Rowe

Fashion fest has come to an end and getting ready to bus back to Ottawa (I'm just that glamorous I know.) I had to figure out how on earth I was going to carry three huge bags of fabric that I couldn't live without...We'll put that into the category of more things I don't think about, an over filled backpack, and still lacking an ability to speak French. The last one was only really an issue with the Uber driver I used to get to the bus station. All worked out though! I mean, I did knock over a table while trying to lift my bags...but we don't talk about that. 

My mind has been filled over the past few days in Montreal, probably even more then my bags. Talking to some of these vendors at the fashion pop-up shops have been both extremely intimidating, says me who's six foot and already intimidating, and inspiring. Some of these shop owners are in their first year of business! ...ok. So that part makes me want to hide under a rock, but it also gives me hope of what I can achieve in a year. If I work hard, which I'm sure my best friend will be on me if I don't. The conferences I was lucky enough to attend all showed examples of amazingly talented people who were given a chance and were not afraid to follow their dreams. (If all else fails I might have a calling to write sappy inspirational quotes. Hallmark? Hiring!?) 

Beatrice Pearson exhibit at the Musée de la Mode

I've spent my last day exploring Old Montreal, drinking iced coffee and visiting the museums they have here for fashion. That's right friends, exhibits EXCLUSIVELY on fashion. Needless to say I died and went to Prada heaven. As I was exploring the amazing talent and work that went into clothing from up to a hundred years ago, that are still in absolutely beautiful condition, I couldn't keep my mouth closed. I was so in awe that i must have looked ridiculous walking through this collection of vintage Italian designers, mouth wide open in amazement. Very clearly I need to go home and work on my tailoring skills. These designers never had to deal with Instagram (not accusing Instagram of anything, because I'm mildly obsessed) but come on! They got known for their talent and workmanship. None of them started with the thought, "one day, my dress is going to be in a museum" they just made outstanding clothing that made women look and feel beautiful. 
The Eleganza:Italian Fashion from the Musée de Concord

This entire experience has given me so much information and inspiration. Can't wait to get home and start creating. Updates will come on my Instagram. Told you I was obsessed.  

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