My Q&A with CraftShow Clients

Rebecca Rowe

Last weekend was the Etsy Made in Canada show and like most craft/trade shows I participate in I always seem to get the same questions. I figured it was time to publicly address the questions that you all want to know!


“Did you make your dress?”
           Yes. For the most part I wear the clothes I design every day. They are what I feel most comfortable in and most like me. It also gives me the confidence to address the answers of how it fits and how it washes. I personally do not have enough time to hand wash everything so everything goes in the washing machine and gets hung to dry.

            oh, this dress? no, the rest of them yeah of course but this one I bought from Walmart.

“Did you make all of these?” -points to the racks of clothes behind me.
             Yes. Everything on the racks are all designs conceptualized by me and thought about as a collection. I made the patterns (the building blocks of clothes) I made all the sizes and I did all the cutting. I have two seamstresses that I then pay to do the sewing. For me sewing is a skill that I have but I don’t particularly enjoy or am that good at.

             Solid question. I’ll give you this one.

“Can I look?”
              Of course! I want you to look, feel, try on, take home and love these clothes.

             you’re dumb.

“Where would I wear that?” “I have nowhere to wear that”
             I promise you, you do. I don’t feel my style is particularly dressy. It’s not a standard t-shirt but if you mix one of my tops with a pair of those boyfriend jeans you already have in your closet you can also tone down the “dressy”. I’ve designed my clothes so that they can fit seamlessly in with your wardrobe but also so that they can be versatile. You can’t really dress up that concert-tee but if you mix that Brittany dress with a pair of black tights and Mary-Jane heals it wouldn’t look out of place at a holiday party.

            You could wear it to a craft show? just a thought.

“Why is that so expensive?” “Not for that price” (ouch)
             This is the statement or question that hurts. I pay my employees and myself a living wage and unfortunately this is what it costs to make clothing locally made. I understand that I’m competing with big name retailers who are able to order hundreds of a certain piece and get them manufactured. I am not there yet. I like knowing the woman who’s made my clothes and I believe she deserves to get paid the same as you. I also know that I am competing with other clothing brands that sell in the same market space that up-cycle clothing. This is a completely different skill and belongs in two different categories.

              And how much is my time worth to you? I already live with my mother, how far down do you want me to go?

“I can make that.”
            No, no you can’t. Even if you can, are you saying that you’re going to take my design and make that one? and why would you say that? Please understand how degrading and unnecessary that statement is. We makers put a lot of work into our product and our brand. Do not think that you can go home and duplicate our work. If you can and we’ve inspired you, please go home and feel that creativity flow through you, just don’t tell me about it.


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