Photoshoots & Fonts

Rebecca Rowe

Do you ever take the time to find the perfect writing font before you’re able to start writing? Like, by finding the perfect font the words will somehow flow through you just a bit easier then if you used the everyday “Helvetica” or “New Times Roman”? ….Nope, you are all reading this first line like I’m crazy, or nodding energetically thinking that someone finally gets them. I do friend. I do. 

Now, on to more important things. As you can probably guess, I’m somewhat of a perfectionist (I know, weird.) so events like the photoshoot that happened today I really have to watch myself and take a step back. It’s always so important to remember that even with your own brand you are working with artists. Artists who know what they are doing! Which should be why you hired them in the first place.

The way I like to structure my photoshoots is by giving a very basic outline of what I want to accomplish, show some images of what I’m looking for then tell the artist I’m working with to go nuts. Why would I spend all this time and money looking for a talented person to work with if I then put them in handcuffs?? Makes no sense right? The result? AMAZING. I love seeing my clothes come to life on a girl who just genuinely loves what she does, captured by an artist who loves what she does all sewn together by yours truly. Anyone who works in, I was going to say a creative field but I’m going to go ahead and say any field at all, has to work in a team and when that team works together is when we see the best results.

Now I know everyone thinks fashion is super competitive, which it is, full of backstabbing horrible people, which is also true, but it’s like any profession, you can find bad people and you can find good. If you have a good read of who you work well with then work with those people, collaborate with those people. One thing I’m starting to realize is that you can’t do everything alone. I mean, its annoying and I wish everyday I had the superpower to clone….epic, you know how much I could get done!? A lot. However, since I can’t clone (yet) working with good people seems to be a good alternative. For instance, check out the makeup on this beauty done by SondraG (@songdrag.mua) Keirstin modelling and photos by Emily! All amazing women to work with and such amazing talents.

model: @keirstin.madore photographer: @emilybeeks MUA: @sondrag.mua

…this came out as more of a “lets work together rant” sorry about that. It really does grind my gears when people don’t realize the support they have around them. Use it or don’t, but you can’t say that we’re not there, you do have to ask though. So ask! We’re not scary….I mean, when I learn how to clone myself I will be, because there will be fifty of me. Until then though, ya’ll good.

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