Six Months Ahead

Rebecca Rowe

New year new you? Um, no? You as you is already pretty solidly awesome. I'm not one who believes that at the stroke of midnight your life is gonna change or that you’ll want to start taking the steps toward changing the parts of your life you don’t like. I am a big believer in setting goals for yourself though. You want to quit smoking? Lose 10lbs? Gain 10lbs? As long as it’s healthy for you and you’re ready to make that change I fully encourage it.

In my head it’s already April so I’m not a good one to ask about changing your life but I am good (sort a) at planning. Fashion time works about six months ahead. Ever wonder why people do swimwear shoots in January? Or why in March I’ll be showing fall/winter? We as the designer need time to:

•come up with the designs (harder then you think sometimes)

•make the samples

•fix those samples so they make sense either on the sales floor or just in general

•show that collection

•photograph that collection

•create a look book

•pre-sell that collection

Then production starts which is a whole other ball game (my friends are trying to teach me about sports phrases but I don’t think that one is right?)

What I’m trying to say is it doesn’t have to be a “New Years resolution” if you want something to happen go for it! Take the steps you need to get there but give yourself the time it takes to go through those steps. If it takes 6 months then it takes 6 months. Progress is progress, which is something I’m trying to realize too.

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