Styling for the Holidays

Rebecca Rowe

Holidays are (supposed to be) a time for getting together with friends and coworkers. Celebrating the year and ringing in the new one. I know they’re not usually like that and a lot of together time maybe isn’t always the most fun but with everything going on the last thing you want is to be stressing over what to wear.

Let’s clear something up right now. Ugly Holiday sweaters are great...that’s a lie, but I see the trend. Onesies, sure. I own neither item so I can’t really comment. Those aren’t the looks I’m going to be talking about.

I’m talking about the holiday look that’s romantic and beautiful, not really fancy but can be styled as such. Fancy does not have to mean uncomfortable. Check out Tyler from Monoxide Style rocking the Holly Dress in a raspberry knit.

It’s all about the styling and how you decide to present yourself. This tunic can be worn as shown with a vintage wrap and some amazing Canadian made jewelry (Timekeeper Necklace) a pair of heels and you’ve got a great look for that office party! Take that same dress and pair it with leggings, a high boot and a cocoon sweater (I know you own one, we all own one) and you’ve got the perfect look for a day of shopping with your girls.



Mylee is rocking the Mya Dress in a bit more of a festive fabric (this style available at TWISS AND WEBER) with the navy lace and faux leather mix. Wear the dress loose to go for a 60’s mod look, or the “I’m gonna eat every cookie in the world look” your call. (I’m the cookie one, lets be honest) or belt it to give yourself a whole new silhouette. We’ve styled this look with some killer sparkly heels for New Years but who’s to say that it wouldn’t look just as cute with a pair of black tights and flats?

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