Summer's End

Rebecca Rowe

Summer is coming to an end and I’m one of those people who is not mad about it. I love layering looks and matching a fun summer dress with some chunky boots. Plus who doesn’t look great in a leather (or vegan leather) jacket holding anything but a pumpkin spice latte? Sorry Starbucks, you know I love you.

Local freelance model; Mylee Batista and photographer Greg Clarke took advantage of the last few nice days of Summer with a photoshoot in downtown Ottawa. This shoot was completely unscheduled by me, which was an interesting experience for me. Letting go of the creative direction and handing it off to Mylee. The finished product produced images i would have never been able to think of, which is amazing when two people can look at the same piece and see different things. This got me thinking about diversity and modelling and a million other questions, so of course, I asked Mylee all of them.

What do you enjoy about modelling? I love the freedom to express me creativity and show people that I have overcome the statistics of not "fitting the model mould"!  I am considered globally disabled due to my dementia and I challenge people with disabilities to chase their dreams and never stop. Prove people wrong and be the best at what you want to be.

What are some of the challenges you face when working with a new team? Coming together as creative minds and all being able to have an input.  I have really yet to have that issue because I surround myself with teams who are talented and open to other's opinions and suggestions and I find that these teams create the most amazing outcomes in a photo shoot.

Can you describe your experiences working with this team? (any fun or

unexpected stories from the day)  The photographer for these shoots with Rowes Fashions was crazy talented.  He found structures, landscapes and random settings for me to pose with some amazing lines.  I actually pushed myself and created new poses and our excitement challenged us even more during the shoot.  We had so many ideas it was crazy. (I’m a big fan of crazy ideas! I mean, what’s the worst that could happen right??)

Top 3X modelling pet peeves? (in real life or on set) Not being reliable or committed.  Not being open to others visions!  Letting the spotlight go to your head.  I consider myself a blank canvas where others create their talents and work! (YAS GIRL! that is why I had zero issues with you borrowing my clothes. It’s about letting everyone be creative and have some fun!)

• Whats your dream modelling job? I wouldn't say I have a dream modelling job.  My goal in the industry though is to travel and talk about body positivity and how we are all beautiful and unique in our own way.  That maybe the things we've been bullied or made fun of we can turn that into our signature in modelling.


On that last note I can completely relate. I was bullied throughout middle school to the point where it changed the trajectory of my life. We are all not a “standard size” there is no such thing. There are so many types of beauty and acceptance. Keep doing what you’re doing girl!

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