The Design Process: Step One: Sketch till your fingers are black.

Rebecca Rowe

The design process, for me anyway, is the best part of starting a new collection. I mean, yes you get frustrated and I may or may not have scratched out more designs then I can count…may have thrown a sketchbook across the room a few times and it may have happened like once where I set some terrible sketches on fire. No one can prove that though so don’t judge, they just needed to go. I’ll let you decide if I’m kidding or not.
It’s at this point though that you can really send your mind wandering. You can draw anything you want, as crazy or as simple as you want and none of it can be wrong. That comes in the construction part of the design process, being wrong….a lot. Also it’s that moment where you’ve done a sketch in a matter of minutes and people think your Picasso. Epic. I love it when people boost my ego.

Setting the scene:
Me, with all my crazy limbs, are sprawled over an armchair, sketchbook is in my lap being held up by my knees that are swinging off one side of the armchair. I am armed with (a very large) coffee, pencils and music is playing. I do not move out of this position until my back starts killing me and there are sketches scattered all over the ground. That friends, is how my spring collection has started.
Now keep in mind, these sketches will lead to more sketches which will then lead to more, until I have a cohesive collection of about ten to twelve looks. You always want to think about a million things when you begin your design process. Who are you selling to? Who is your customer? Have you seen it before? If the answer is yes then how and why is yours better? Will the designs suit only one body type? What fabric are we thinking? It seems like a lot when you write it down but at some point your mind just goes and you just draw.

Getting into my studio all of these designs go up on my wall, using a tape that will not ruin the paint (mom, be happy) and then we start the pattern-making portion of the design process. AKA: How do I put this together?

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