What Fashion Is

Rebecca Rowe

Am I too young to runaway and bartend on a beach somewhere? No…I don’t have the body for it, but with this whole trend of “embrace your curves” it might not make that much of a difference. I hate the beach though, too much sand….sun kind of also annoys me. I wonder if they still need personal assistants in New York. I rather like that idea of running around the city like Anne Hathaway, piping hot Starbucks burning my hands. The burning part is what I can only imagine hot coffee feeling like on your hands, with so many years of serving under my belt and the use of industrial irons I don’t think my hands can actually burn anymore…mind you I might not want/be able to move to New York for at least the next four years. Paris is beautiful in all it’s gloominess, although been there and done that. The tourists will start to pour in too for Valentines Day and that’s just the WORST. I’m starting to run out of places I’d like to runaway to.  With deadlines fast approaching and people asking me about my “next steps” it always seems easier to want to be a reck-loose and create a profession out selling cars in Tokyo (that scenario has a whole realm of issues). Running a small independent business is not some walk in the park here. With a runway show a week away and fittings happening every day it can be a little overwhelming. I mean, I ate half a jar of Nutella today (after my sewing was done and I practically couldn’t see straight) which is not helping my whole beach bod thing, but I think I’ve nixed that idea for a while. Serving screaming idiots on the beach is suddenly becoming less and less appealing as March break looms near.

Fashion really is truly amazing though. Last week I had a rack full of clothes that I had taken an active role in making, hated all of them. This week, I put them on people and suddenly they transform. They look amazing on the human form and I could never think of another job that would make me this excited. Of course now I want to add and embellish all of them. Don’t you all worry, I’m staying well away from my sequins. I have a friend who knows my love-to-hate relationship with sequins and I’m sure she’s still finding them in her apartment.

My only task this week? Keep my head on straight…or at least on. Finish any and all alterations. Breathe. Post pictures. Why? Cause Saturday people! Saturday is when the clothes hit the catwalk and no matter what they will be done! Exciting, nerve wracking, that’s what fashion is right? 

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