About us

The Making of the Rowes Garden

All of Rowes Fashions are hand-made in Canada. We design, pattern, cut and sew all in the comforts of our own country. By doing so we are able to monitor the quality of our work and have a real connection with not only our employees but also our clients.

I (Rebecca Rowe) the founder and head designer of Rowes Fashion have been working in fashion since I was in high school…and before that.  I started my fashion career making garments out of duct tape. I also wore them in public, never being the one to be ashamed of what I wore. I also never bent to the trend of what everyone else wore. I was lucky enough to have a family who supported my dreams (even if it meant letting me out of the house with nothing but a duct tapped rectangular piece of cloth around my body). Thus when it was time, fifteen years later and no duct tape in sight, to start my own line, my family was behind me all the way. It only seemed fitting to pluralize my last name to create my brand. It’s hard enough to start a company, even harder to do it alone, which is why I am proud to say that Rowes is a full family affair. My fashion education started on the job. I worked for multiple, different retailers, working in every aspect of the retail field. I sold, which by the way, is a lot easier to do when it’s not your own work, set up the space, unpacked boxes and did the visual merchandising. All of this prepared me for when, after high school, I took the leap to NYC to study at Pratt Institute. New York was an adventure I’ll tell you that. Unfortunately a short lived one, personal issues brought me back to Canada after only one year. With a couple years off and some serious soul searching I went back to school but this time I aimed higher: Paris. I completed my education in Paris, France…pretty much not sleeping for a year in an intensive program. “Why did you come back to Canada?! Crazy lady.” …You know how many times I’ve heard that question. A lot. More then a lot. The answer? I came back home. I think the answer is in the word; home. I needed my family to do what I always knew I would do. Start my own company. Was I naive enough to do so right out of school? …hell no. I worked in production under another local designer and made connections. When I felt it was time I decided to take the plunge into my own crazy world of design.

So here I am, I’ve created my own world of design. My own rose garden if you will. See what I did there?